Hurry Up and Email the Realtor!

We begin the story of our crazy adventure renovating, or rather restoring a mid-century dwelling in South Carolina with the night I get a notification from Zillow alerting me to a new house that had just come on the market. The notification came at 8:11pm and I viewed it at 8:50pm and quickly emailed my real estate agent, Jill. To my surprise she was still up working late and was able to set up an appointment to see the house the very next day. I was excited! From the photos it looked like it was very spacious and had not been altered in any weird ways. Looking up the tax history I saw that it was still owned by the original owner who had purchased the home in 1962! The listing also said that there were hardwood floors underneath the carpets, in all of the rooms except the den and kitchen. SCORE! I was hopeful that this was “this one.”

Backstory. I had been getting updates from Zillow for at least 6 months, and additional or duplicate listings from our agent for 4 months however I began looking at real estate listings a year ago, trying to narrow down what part of the city we wanted to be in. Fast forward to April 2015 when my husband and I began our search in earnest. From April 2015 to August 2015 we personally went into over 75 homes in our metro area. None of them matched my very strict list of what I wanted. Since we had been burned before with the previous house we owned we were cautious and patient this time … and it paid off!

Before the era of Zillow and current real estate listings on the Internet we had been duped into a lemon of a house by a realtor who was tired of showing us houses. I vowed never again to let that happen to us again. We have been renting in a popular area of town for the last few years, saving our pennies and deciding where we wanted to buy because we didn’t want another lemon, and we wanted an investment that would increase in value, not decrease and have everything we wanted. My next post talks about our first impression our our mid-century 2 story home and what happened next!

Meet our new home:



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